the king is dead

Long Live the King



Classic songwriting, fancy synth sounds mixed with atmospheric samples from R&B and Soul: This is The King of Cons X Lil‘ L. With Change the Munich-based musicians release their first self-produced EP on February 26th. All songs are written and produced by Singer-Songwriter Franko van Lankeren, aka The King of Cons (formerly Talking Pets), who has been touring German stages since 2009. Together with his long-standing band mate Lennart Stolpmann aka Lil‘ L (formerly Talking Pets, Swallow Tailed) he created a new sound which embraces falsetto vocals, guitar, electronic drum beats and lots of synthesizers. Under the name of Munich Soul, this new alternate pop sound mixes modern trap beats with charismatic vocals and creates a unique listening experience.

We wanted to present a new side of the Munich located music scene”, Franko says. “We like R’n’B but also the cool soundscape of the 80ties. Synthesizers were an important element back then. Both phenomena define the sound of our new EP.”

Thinking about Munich’s young music business your first associations are probably electronic music and Indie Rock. But we do not consider that to be enough”, says Lennart. “Our city was once the home town of music legends like Giorgio Moroder, who flooded Munich about four decades ago with their innovative sounds. We aim to fill the gap they left.”